June 30, 2008


i took this polaroid today. somehow i magically fixed my sx 70. i had to remove the blend filter from the film pack and that was it. i have no idea why the filter was causing the polaroid's to get stuck in the camera??... but alas! it is fixed.
i stamped this saying on it bc it is the advice my mother gave me this weekend. the weekend of the supposed art show.

to make a long story short:
i drove all the way out to jax beach for the art show only to find out it was postponed for july 29th. apparently the people at urban outfitters thought they had contacted me about it earlier, but instead of a phone call or email i had to find out after i got up there. the morning of... hmmm...

i am not going to go on and on about how pissed off i was. i will only say thank god for whiskey, good friends/family, and the atlantic ocean.
i was on the phone with my mom, confused, upset, and a little embarrassed when she said "colie. all you have to do is something." after i hung up the phone i felt better knowing that i did everything i could. the show will go on, on a different day. no big deal.

somehow i still ended up selling a bunch of prints to some friends of a friend. so i guess it all worked out. the orlando show is coming up in 6 days so i guess i am better prepared for that one.

***big thanks to kristin for buying a whopping 10 prints! and thanks to dave for buying 5 of my 4x5 ers. i am a blessed girl. truly.

June 28, 2008

living life

well i am packing my things for jax beach. i'm a little scared, a little excited, a little sick... but all in all i am ready.
a part of me wants to not even bother with it at all. i could just sit in my house like a bear in a cave and save myself from all of the awkwardness that comes with putting myself out there.
but but but. i wont. i have been working towards this. so i must go through with it.

i took this polaroid just a few minutes ago.
i am pensive, but living.
so is this polaroid.

wish me luck :)

June 27, 2008

How to Order Prints!

1. Go to my flickr page and choose the photos you want.
2. Choose what size and border options you want (see bellow for details).
3. Email me at colienrp@yahoo.com with your selection.
4. I will send you a paypal invoice after you've emailed your information.

Sizes and Pricing:

With borders
4x5 $10
8x10 $25
10x12 $30
12x15 $40

Without borders
5x5 $10
8x8 $25
10x10 $30
12x12 $40


i am finally DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this project got way out of hand. i was only going to enlarge up to 8x10 and 10x12.
i ended up doing 4x5, 5x7, 7x8, 8x10, and 10x12!!!!

then i decided to mount them all on 4 ply last night at 11pm.... by 4 am i was done.
also, lets just say my fingertip skin is non existent at this point.
FUCK IT!!! so worth it.

the urban outfitters show is sunday and i am sooo pumped now.
now that the prints are good to go a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
i still have to paint the display thing that these prints will be hanging from, but i don't even care about that right now. it will get done. right now i am going to drink my coffee and sit around and smile.

also, i owe so much to kylie and to the friends that i unceasingly nagged for weeks. sooo THANKS :)
kylie was a saint disguised as my sexy little lego lover roommate. seriously. she was up with me all hours of the night cutting and sizing. i'm pretty sure there was a little bit of grumbling.... but such things are expected when you are sick and tired and hungry and cooped up in a kitchen under a neon light cutting matt bored for 3 hours.
also, all the fucking rad as flickr friends who purchased prints... man, you guys don't even know! that was so encouraging for me. it also helped to finance all the printing materials i needed to do this. so thanks guys! you all rock!!!!!

i will post again soon.
be well all. 
have an amazing day!

June 26, 2008


this polaroid is of my little brother cody. relaxing -
the opposite of what i am doing now till sunday.

3 more days till my art show.
i am freaking out!!!!!

(there will be a real post later).

June 24, 2008

summertime in the fields

as i was dozing off last night, and saying goodbye to yesterdays dirt i remembered this beautiful thing my dad told me once as a little girl. he said "all dragonflies return to the lake where they were first born to touch down one more time again before they die." i don't know if he made that up to charm me (since he is known to have been a tall tale teller), or if it is just some rare jewel of a fact that he read once in a dusty encyclopedia.. either way i treasure it.

under my sheets, alone in my bed, drifting farther and farther away from every breach of peace, i imagined him, like a shining dragonfly. regal and handsome in the light. visiting me one more time.

this polaroid was taken a month ago at horseshoe lake. it reminds me of summer, and the beautiful stories we make - like the dragonfly. it reminds me of my longing for love and angst for freedom. it reminds me of youth.

June 23, 2008

abstract monday

i fear that something is terribly wrong with my sx 70. everytime i get to the 6th photo in a film pack it just gets stuck in there and it wont spit out the photo.... AHHHHHH!

i almost don't even want to talk about it right now. i worry that saying it out loud, or in this case, typing it out, would be like admitting that it actually is broken. and if the brown bear really is broken then i will have to retire him and go through the stupid ebay process of finding his replacement. not to mention the weeks it will take breaking in and familiarizing myself with the new foreign beast... learning all of it's flaws and crazy little quirks...

shit!!! this sucks! well, my fingers are crossed, hoping that the bear is ok.

this polaroid was lucky number 6 - the last usable shot in the film pack. the other 4 are still stuck in the bear. just sitting in there, mocking me, as i repeatedly press the red button!!!
today also happens to be my very first abstract monday and brian aka peel apart's birthday. he is a flickr comrade and the facilitator of abstract monday. every monday he finds something wonderful to capture, but instead of capturing it in a typical framing method, he finds a way to make it abstract. i love his idea and being a pretty abstract person myself i presume to accompany him in the pursuit of abstractedness every monday.

June 22, 2008

the 22nd

today is the 22nd of june. uneventful. understated. unmistakable. unrequited. undulated.
22 times i imagined his face. 22 times i thought i loved him. 22 times i thought i hated him. 22 times i checked my phone for his text. 22 times i was let down by him. 22 waisted words i conjured to share with him. 22 hundred miles between us. 22 prayers to 22 saints that he would think of me.

** i know i know. vague. as always.

June 21, 2008

go mordecai!!!!

it's movie night at the EP. i'm sick with the flu and kylie is broke, and so we've resolved to stay in this saturday night. sometimes i wish i was gay and that kylie was gay so we could be gay together. we would be the perfect couple.
we are watching the royal tenenbaums again for the umpteenth time. i will not go into all of the various reasons as to why this film is amazingly amazing. i will just say that i love it so.
with that being said it should be pretty obvious as to why i took the above polaroid. also, i wanted to pay a little tribute to a flickr friend who single handedly leaves me the best comments.

"can we get somebody over here to kill these mice for us?"Royal
"no! they belong to chas. or he invented them anyway."Margot
"get him to stick them in a fucking cage or something."Royal

oh well, ok

i didn't take this photo today. today it is very dark and rainy outside. i wish i could take a picture of the shitty sky that mirrors my shitty attitude. but instead i am rescanning a happy, sunshining polaroid from a few months ago, because someone ordered this print for an 8x10 enlargment.

i am in no mood to throw a rediculous peace sign at the clouds. fuck that. i'd rather give them the middle finger.

i know i am being over-dramatic and that today isn't really that bad. i am just annoyed with working weekends, and my shitty boring desk job sucks. doing customer service and pretending to care about peoples opinions is driving me crazy. i would much rather be home, working on my polaroid project stuff, nursing my cold... which i am pretty sure is the flu, since i woke up numerouse times, sweating profusley, coughing uncontrolably, and unable to breathe through my nose. i am a wreck. the sky is a wreck. everyone around me is a wreck. but such is life eh?

i have one more week till the art show. all of my nails are bitten down to their cuticles.

June 20, 2008

well wishers

i am making a new resolution: to blog more. instead of waiting for some crazy hell-fire incident to occur in my life i will write regularly, about the photos i'm taking and how they reflect what's going on in my life, because i can not really get into all that on flickr. i think it annoys people... so with that being said here goes:

toady was pretty good. kylie (my roommate/best friend) and i played in the yard. it was my day off and my biggest priority was polaroid taking, cookie eating, and lawn chair lounging.
i feel bad sometimes bc i am always volunteering kylie into the photos, but just look at her. she is a natural and she is beautiful. i hate having my photo taken. i am awkward and i am uncomfortable in my skin.

the original shot i wanted to do was to have her stand beside this utility fan i have and to have her hair blowing all crazy in her face, but alas, the fan was not nearly as high powered as i would have liked (imagine someone blowing out a birthday cake).
we sat there in the hot hot heat- me focusing meticulously and her laughing hysterically at the fact that the fan was only blowing one strand of hair. so we gave up.

10 mins later we were in the street being dumb and dancing around and doing cartwheels. she had on a sharp little raincoat and i saw it: the shot of the day! "wait!!! hold your hands right there - like you are tying the coat together" - half demanding, half laughing at the sound of my stupid ass.

sometimes the most beautiful moments can not be staged. they just sort of happen... and being silly girls in the middle of the street, watching and waiting as the rain falls on our faces is all the perfect shot requires (well that and a sx 70 alpha).

god i love summer time.

June 6, 2008


today has been a lovely day.
my friend dan came to visit from denver, we had peach yogi tea, then drove out to deltona - the country. we ate spanish food, and i took a pola of him that turned out to be a double exposure mess-up. i quite like it though. mistakes can be incredible embellishments and sometimes a greater depiction of the moment then the clearest, most pristine replicas. 

when i got home i picked up a package that came to me in the post today. i knew who it was from...raymond! i ripped the package apart and shreeked with joy to find 1 shiny beautiful cartridge of time zero polaroid film. i have never had the privilege to use time zero film before. in 2006 it was discontinued, then after polaroid announced it's end to all instant film the price sky rocketed. now, if you are lucky enough to even find it, it will run you anywhere from $50 to $100 for a single pack. raymond is a great friend. if it weren't for him i wouldn't have even begun taking polaroids... the fact that he knew to send me this film means a lot. a hell of a lot. i am touched.
i am also touched that a close friend drove 30 mins out of his way today to help me sort through 100's of photos to chose from, for the art show, and that he so graciously lent me his external hard drive. each scanned image takes up more memory than my computer can hold. so without this i wouldn't even be able to prepare a single photo. i am touched that jean and bernd went through every single image on the web and made a list of the photos they would like to see enlarged. i am touched by all of the support i receive from my lovely friends, as they encourage me along when i begin worrying that i will fail. i am touched when complete strangers take the time to share their kind opinions and reassure me of my vision.
today has been a lovely day.

June 3, 2008

ginormous polaroids

well despite distressing times (newly single) and hectic-ness with work, and so on and so on...
i have managed to get some work done on my secret project. yaaaaaaayy!!!
these are samples of the giant polaroid prints i will be selling at the urban outfitters in jacksonville and orlando in the next couple of months.
i've only completed 4... i've got a very very very very long way to go. so if i don't answer my phone for a few weeks you know why.

also. i've had a tough time picking which ones to enlarge. it's hard for me b/c i am the picture taker and therefore biased. so if anyone else in the world reads this and has some input to share i would be eternally and creatively grateful.
here's the link to the photos:

and finally