June 23, 2008

abstract monday

i fear that something is terribly wrong with my sx 70. everytime i get to the 6th photo in a film pack it just gets stuck in there and it wont spit out the photo.... AHHHHHH!

i almost don't even want to talk about it right now. i worry that saying it out loud, or in this case, typing it out, would be like admitting that it actually is broken. and if the brown bear really is broken then i will have to retire him and go through the stupid ebay process of finding his replacement. not to mention the weeks it will take breaking in and familiarizing myself with the new foreign beast... learning all of it's flaws and crazy little quirks...

shit!!! this sucks! well, my fingers are crossed, hoping that the bear is ok.

this polaroid was lucky number 6 - the last usable shot in the film pack. the other 4 are still stuck in the bear. just sitting in there, mocking me, as i repeatedly press the red button!!!
today also happens to be my very first abstract monday and brian aka peel apart's birthday. he is a flickr comrade and the facilitator of abstract monday. every monday he finds something wonderful to capture, but instead of capturing it in a typical framing method, he finds a way to make it abstract. i love his idea and being a pretty abstract person myself i presume to accompany him in the pursuit of abstractedness every monday.

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  1. I was told defiantly repeating Hail Mary's under your breath works pretty well. This advice was given to me once by a catholic friend...(she promised me it's good to go for pagans like me as well) (((chuckles)))