April 30, 2009

a little acapella for a fine friday mornin.

April 29, 2009

i have fallen in love with the work of jeremy and karn weiss. please visit their site at day19.com.

April 27, 2009

tomorrow is my birthday.
i know this sounds a tad mellow dramatic but i am just not really feeling like i even care. i honestly just want it to be friday so that i can just enjoy the damn weekend. so if father time wants to send me a little fast forward button for my birthday i'd be truly appreciative.

here is another photo from the daniel lewis shoot. i took a few more outside in the lawn but this is my favorite one to share with the world wide web.

this photo makes me feel a little nostalgic, remembering days of long naps in tall grass, staring up at tree branches as they interlock like the fingers of lovers, and the longing. since birth i believe it existed inside me, some mysterious yearning, burning inside my chest for things beyond my understanding - adventure, true love, the future...

i'm rambling.

Yashica A Model. 120 Fuji Film.

here are some more shots from the dan lewis shoot. what a non hectic day this was! wardrobe changes took about 45 seconds and he had no preferences of wether we were shooting in a dump or the sistine chaple, just smooth sailing all the live long day. i am definitely working with more male "model's" in the future. not to mention we squeezed a 2 day shoot into 4 hours. GOD BLESS!

i will be posting more of the shoot in the days to come (probably only the film shots though)... depends on my mood i suppose.

oh, so the other interesting thing that came out of these prints were the responses i got from the flickr community... i asked people to comment using their "honest" artistic opinions, + and - responses would be welcomed with open arms by yours truly... the results have been very helpful and some surprising.

brian aka "peel apart" (a flickr friend and admired film guru) mentioned that all the "noise" (internal camera flaws, light leaks and blue lines) bugged him. he suggested i get the camera CLAD'd to adjust these issues.

ceci (a lomographer wizard) said she appreciated that i was shooting more dudes, turning the tables on flickr audiences who've grown accustomed to the glorified female figure. she also said she would have centered the figure more in these shots.

their words make me happy mostly because it's special that they've taken the time to look at my work and share their honest opinions as opposed to little pink stars.

so please, if anyone out there in blogger land has an opinion share it or forever hold your peace!

Yaschia A Model. 120 Film.

April 22, 2009

standing in the midst of late spring.

i love coming home to this. i put mc cartney's ram album and groove to side one while picking up the house. light fills every room and it's warmth is a kind reminder of things i've been missing in my life.

lately my thoughts have been carrying me away in a million different directions. it's only an ant hole at the moment, but when will it become a mountain?

Yashica A. 120 Kodak 400xt Film.

April 19, 2009

nothing much inspiring to share at the moment. my birthday is in 9 days. i have blown through loads of film lately and just busy building up my hope for better days to come. it helps spending as much time outside as possible. the cool breeze and soft light wont last much longer. i need to photograph every last split second of it.

Yashica A. 120 Kodak 400xt Film.

April 18, 2009

i wanna live

i wanna give

i've been a miner for a heart of gold

i've been to Hollywood

i've been to Redwood

i crossed the ocean for a heart of gold

i've been in my mind

it's such a fine line

that keeps me searchin' for a heart of gold

and I'm gettin' old

Yashica A. Kodak 400xt.

April 15, 2009

maybe sparrow

i'm itching for an adventure... i need to feel my heart in my throat and fresh air in my lungs... so i am planning a trip, one that may never actually take flight any time soon, but you know what??? life is too short to not have something to look forward to.

Photobooth Mac isight.

a few of my favorite things:

black tea with honey
laurence of arabia
clock parts
honest moments
orange rolls
chantilly lace
stop animation
rain on a tin roof
owl illustrations
j.m. barie
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April 12, 2009

i keep deleting my entry for this photo....

Photobooth. Mac Isight.

last night i felt like a little nothing, like a nothing creep, forced to walk around the block and crouch between cars and cry because our home is so damn intolerable and i can not physically exist there with him.

have you ever loved anyone this way???
have you ever been this desperate to continue to hope where there is no hope? have you ever felt as small as yesterday's garbage, when the love of your life glances over you in a crowded room as you fall apart in front of him? 

i can't keep doing this to myself.

happy easter.  

April 7, 2009

more from the photo shoot with dan last weekend. i got a lot of film versions of these as well which i have yet to develop b/c i still need to finish off the damn roll of film! if you click on the photos you will see them larger and like them more - so do it!

i loved working with dan and trying out different looks and concepts. in some of the frames he really reminds me of john lennon in the yoko years, minus the beard.

i definitely want to do more of these shoots, so if you are in or around orlando and want to get together for some photo taking, please let me know :)

Canon 50D.

April 6, 2009

April 5, 2009


this is dan - a good good friend. i did a photo shoot with him this weekend, used lots of cameras and accomplished a couple of neat "looks". it's just the first round of shoots with him, so be prepared - there is absolutely more to come. this polaroid is his contribution to the faces project. it is definitely one of my favorites. i'm loving his crazy specs and relaxed gaze. i know i mentioned this before, but i'm totally obsessed with over-exposing the shot. in a way i feel as if it subtly glorifies the subject. we all deserve to feel glorified every now and then, don't we?

5 facts about dan:
he chews gum in the shower and likes it
he stitched an obama quilt that he wears as a parka on brisk evenings
his secret movie crush is audrey tautou
he detests grammatical errors and bobble head dolls
he learned french from rosetta stone and muzzy

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. 600 Film. No Filter. Faces the project (#15).
in december 2008 i started this project after photographing everyone in my family. i was incredibly inspired by how different they seemed on the print as opposed to how i see them everyday. it got me thinking about how we carry preconceptions of people, especially those we already know, and how that affects the way we see them.

so it is my goal to to remove all the stigmas and back stories that affect the way we see one another, and to simply show people at face value. polaroid seems to be a perfect medium to this mission as it is an instant capture, without any of the smoke and mirrors of fancy editing, and simply more true to the moment.

also, as part of this project i am asking 5 random facts from each person. it could be anything that they want to share. the goal is to achieve something concrete about who they are according to them. some of the facts have surprised me, which only lead me to believe even further that our mental stereotypes are difficult guards to surrender. 

April 3, 2009

this book defined my childhood.

i can not wait for the film.

April 1, 2009

you know alot when you lose something.

i heard someone say that recently and it really hit me hard.

when you have it, you take it forgranted. every day this thing or person is always there just like the air you breathe and so it's invaluable nature is meaningless to you.

why is this the human condition; to tolerate life instead of appreciate it? people are not disposable and yet i see relationships being thrown away constantly. we don't have the time, or the money, or the energy to nurture the world around us and then we wonder why we feel so unfulfilled and unhappy.

my biggest fear is to move throughout life without truly realizing it's value, to not listen enough to people's needs, to not help enough where it's needed. i fear being stuck on an island in my mind, where only i exhist.

i know that for me, selflessness is the heart of love and so it is my eager efforts to approach every person, task, and thing with that mindset.

Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha. 600 Film. ND Filter.

the florida film festival is finally here! of all the movies this year, in a dream is my top choice go-see. i hardly have money for anything these days though, but i think i am going to treat myself. it's sure to be more fulfilling than food anyway.