April 27, 2009

here are some more shots from the dan lewis shoot. what a non hectic day this was! wardrobe changes took about 45 seconds and he had no preferences of wether we were shooting in a dump or the sistine chaple, just smooth sailing all the live long day. i am definitely working with more male "model's" in the future. not to mention we squeezed a 2 day shoot into 4 hours. GOD BLESS!

i will be posting more of the shoot in the days to come (probably only the film shots though)... depends on my mood i suppose.

oh, so the other interesting thing that came out of these prints were the responses i got from the flickr community... i asked people to comment using their "honest" artistic opinions, + and - responses would be welcomed with open arms by yours truly... the results have been very helpful and some surprising.

brian aka "peel apart" (a flickr friend and admired film guru) mentioned that all the "noise" (internal camera flaws, light leaks and blue lines) bugged him. he suggested i get the camera CLAD'd to adjust these issues.

ceci (a lomographer wizard) said she appreciated that i was shooting more dudes, turning the tables on flickr audiences who've grown accustomed to the glorified female figure. she also said she would have centered the figure more in these shots.

their words make me happy mostly because it's special that they've taken the time to look at my work and share their honest opinions as opposed to little pink stars.

so please, if anyone out there in blogger land has an opinion share it or forever hold your peace!

Yaschia A Model. 120 Film.


  1. oh my, thank you for what you wrote there dear colie. i hope you're enjoying your birthday despite you're not too excited.
    i want to see more of your medium format work, it is really delightful.

  2. howdy. first of all, had fun the other night. So I have to leave a comment about these shots. I have a hobby of collecting hobbies and then discarding them after about three weeks and realizing that I'm not a natural or a prodigy and that I have to actually practice. Well, for my photography phase about three years ago I bought a really nice camera and the first 'artistic' photo I attempted was of that bricked up building that you shot here. And from the EXACT spot that you did, laying down in the middle of the street! Ha!!