August 14, 2007

appreciate oatmeal

things that still amaze me:

selfless kindness
the monarch butterfly
the way a single moment can change everything
the speed of time
elliott erwitt
the deliciousness of oatmeal
how fickle people can be
how fickle i can be
the power of words
arubicks cube
orlando traffic patterns
the impact of a smile
ray lamontagne songs
brain synapses

i believe it is important to appreciate the little things in life. this kind of awe inspiring grattitude reminds me to never surrender to convention and routine. it blesses my heart. it opens my eyes and shakes me awake to the wonders of living. it keeps me passionate about breathing. every day i work towards acheiving that kind of benevolent wisdom. i refuse to squander away my child-like wonder. so often i see people jaded by life and their predictablity is disheartening. it may seem foolish to be so hopefully in love with the world, but i just can't imagine life any other way.

so the next time u enjoy a bowl of oatmeal, think of existential joy and smile :)