January 31, 2010



Magic hour with Casey Powers.

{Canon ae-1. Kodak iso 400 film} {Yashica A. Fuji iso 260 120 film}



I can not stop listening to Beach House's new album - Teen Dream. Silver Soul has got to be my favorite song on the record. However I'm not too sure how I feel about this video. I guess it's not really what I envisioned for the song, but who the hell am I to judge? Besides most of their music videos have an odd 70s nightmare-ish vibe to them. You watch it play out and think: my God, this is really weird. But despite the obvious kitsch you will never mistake their videos for any one else's, nor will you be able to forget it... Take silver hula hoopers for example...

Regardless, I can not wait to see them play in Portland April 10!!!! It could just be my favorite show of 2010.

January 28, 2010


A message to myself:

Dear Colie,

Please keep taking the time to travel. I know it makes you tired, but in the long run you wont regret it. Also, try and save your money so that you can afford to buy that zumi and 4x5 you've been eyeing for eons.

Warmest Regards,


{Canon ae-1. 35 mm film. Kodak iso 400.}

January 26, 2010


I did a shoot last weekend with the crazy talented Casey Powers, from The Silver Fleece. We hiked through the woods and stood in cat-tail weeds, watching as the sun cast golden rays on everything in site. She picked her banjo for a while and I snapped through rolls of film desperatly attempting to record all the magic surrounding us. It was a fine way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I have more film to scan then I know what to do with... more from this shoot to come.

{Polaroid Sx-70. 779 Film. Close up lens} {Yashica A, Medium Format. Fuji iso 160 Pro} {Canon ae-1. Kodak 35 mm iso 400 Film}

January 21, 2010


These past few months I've been spending a lot of time in other cities (NYC, Atlanta, Charleston, Jax, just to name a few). There is a special kind of freedom and sense of independence that comes with a change of scenery. It's incredibly liberating - you can get in your car or ride a plane and suddenly be some place else where everything is new, every detail and smell, every street and corner shop, and every passerby and fascinating face.

It's more than traveling, it's a chance at starting over again. And if even just for a moment, it's that moment you see everything around you for the first time.

{Canon ae-1. 35 mm film. Iso 400}

January 19, 2010


It is a wondrous thing - the connectedness of our lives with others. On the drive back from Charleston I though a lot about where I am in my life and how the hell I got here. There are patterns in the everyday chaos that surrounds us, sometimes creating growth where there should be none at all. I am thankful for this time in my life right now, for the love in my heart, for the people who surround me, and for the places I've been - some dark and some despairing, but always presenting a promise, a deeply seeded desire for the next greatest moment of my life.

{Canon ae-1. 35 mm Iso 400 Film}

January 11, 2010


Nostalgia keeps the imagination sharp.

Today I doodled for many hours with micro pigment archival ink on handmade parchment paper. I've been really inspired by childhood imagery - dollhouses, forest animals, tight rope walkers, and balloons in flight. My mind can't rid itself of ideas it wants to create.

{Ink on paper}

January 10, 2010


Looking back on 2009 and all the adventures I have had the privilege to document on film makes me smile. I am excited for 2010 and all the stories I want to capture. I've set some new photo goals for the year as well - more flash, more formats, more incredible people.

These are some of my favorite shots from last year.
I hope you enjoy them again.

Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage
Picnik collage

January 9, 2010



When I lie in bed at night I think about being Wendy. I stand at the windowsill over looking the city as it twinkles and shines with more brilliance and splendor than the heavens above. Winters breath pushes my nightgown close against my body and suddenly I take flight. Fueled by desire for a boy whom I can never have, I cut through the cosmos at the speed of light. His heart, a Neverland and my destination, more hidden and uncharted than any adventure I can yet understand.

{Yashica A. Medium Format. Kodak 400tx}

January 8, 2010



This is a beautiful video made by my talented photo friend Brnd, from home video reels of super 8 from his childhood. He introduced me to iambic music and even sent me a polaroid ever-ready case all the way from Vienna. His photos always inspire me to keep using film in new ways. Since my trip to New York I've been incredibly inspired to investigate the world of 8mm motion picture film; and after watching this clip over and over again, I'm afraid fate has officially sealed a deal between me and this daunting new motion picture endeavor.

First step. Find camera and film.

It's not the fear of jumping I have.

Rather it's the falling.

January 7, 2010



This was a place of once dreamers and lovers, artists, writers, mothers, hand holders, hat wearers, storytellers and history makers, all lying still beneath mounds of earth. Here, marble headstones jet up from the ground with an ironic vitality, revealing names and dates deeply inset a perpetual mass. The depredations of time had wreaked havoc on most of the plots, staining the markers and wearing away the graves - just to prove that nothing lasts.

I wandered through miles and miles of lives laid to rest, some for hundreds of years. It made me think a lot about what little time we have to use for living, and how most of our lives are actually spent being dead or not yet born. The world goes on for eons and eons, and in comparison our lives are a blink of an eye, a mere fraction of a fraction of a second. I don't want to waist any more time.

{Canon ae-1. 35mm. Kodak 400}

January 5, 2010



I just added some images to my shorpy shopping cart.
I feel like a time collector.