January 31, 2010



I can not stop listening to Beach House's new album - Teen Dream. Silver Soul has got to be my favorite song on the record. However I'm not too sure how I feel about this video. I guess it's not really what I envisioned for the song, but who the hell am I to judge? Besides most of their music videos have an odd 70s nightmare-ish vibe to them. You watch it play out and think: my God, this is really weird. But despite the obvious kitsch you will never mistake their videos for any one else's, nor will you be able to forget it... Take silver hula hoopers for example...

Regardless, I can not wait to see them play in Portland April 10!!!! It could just be my favorite show of 2010.


  1. Cool Colie. Understand what you mean about the clip... and I feel that way about a lot of music clips. Somehow the music doesn't match my interpretation of the music and this is no different I guess. Great music though. Really unusual. But really really cool sound. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome Jean. I am glad you enjoy it.