February 12, 2008

rooftops and such


we climbed up to the heavens. suspended beneath the sky.

and it was there i saw the center. i prey, the apple of your eye.

it was dark and it was hungry. and still it willed itself to me.

it opened up. and it swallowed me whole. showing no mercy.

your hands were savage pilgrims. wandering the sea's of my skin.

and i. your crusade. a comet. electric ribbons buzzing within.

your pausing now. but it is too late. i am ripping through the sky.

tangled legs and burning flesh. two celestial bodies taking flight.

i'm breathing quick and losing touch. expanding into space.

gripping skin and shifting weight. our want has set the pace.

it's true my dear. that we are falling. but there's no need to fear.

your on fire. and i'm on fire. and we burn out in the atmosphere.