April 28, 2010


my love.

Today is my birthday. I am a little older, a little wiser (I hope), and certainly a little more in love with making photos. So here's to one more year of life - documented in pictures.


{Canon ae1. Kodak Ekar 100 Film}

April 27, 2010



Tomorrow I am escaping to a cabin in Tennessee for a fantastic adventure. As a gift from me to me, I am buying Yan Martel's new book Beatrice and Virgil for the road.

April 26, 2010



Spent a nice day hiking through some sketchy woods with Danny Dorsa. We found an amazing fort, bum city, and rubbish everywhere. Also I got to test out my new lens. I am pretty sure it's going to change everything...

{Canon ae1. 35mm Ektar 100 film}



I don't care what anyone says, Mondays are always a drag. Thank the stars up above for coffee, almonds, and dreamy photos of girls on mountains. Only 2 more days till my birthday and a secret escape to the Tennessee mountains.

Countdown begins... NOW!

P.S. *** Check out the new photo review on THEDROPP of Katya Tyapkina.

{Yashica A. Medium format. Kodak Professional ISO 160 & Canon ae1. 35mm Film. Ektar 100}

April 25, 2010



Sundays are always so bittersweet. I hate saying goodbye to weekends... among other things.

{Yashica A. Medium Format. Kodak Professional ISO 160 film}

April 22, 2010



Thank u very little needs to give more! That's why I want to do a sponsor swap.
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I just finished the last batch of images from my trip to Portland. I have to say - I really dragged my feet on scanning and posting them. Somehow I felt that the moment I was through working on these photos would be the moment the experience was really over for me.... I haven't experienced a trip like that since my 3 month stint in Europe. Either way, it was an overdue escape and a surprising re-fresh in attitude towards photography, life, and everything else...

I found this quote last night, by a photographer whose work I really admire.

"The interaction is more important than the photos. Basically, I want to be around brilliant minds. And they let me take their picture." Autumn de Wilde.

So much of my experience in Portland, as well as how it made me feel about my photos can be summed up in that line. Sure I considered myself damn lucky to be out in the great Northwest, breathing in that dense mountain air, but none of it would have meant nearly as much as it did if it weren't for the creative minds I got to be around - graciously shedding mass quantities of inspiration all over me.

{Canon ae1. Ektar 100 film}

April 21, 2010



The DROPP, with 2 P's! This is your one stop shop for updates on all things music, photo, art, food, & film. I will be doing a photo contribution 3 times a week for Eyedropps, featuring a different photo taker and their works! So if you are curious about featuring your stuff just swing on by and dropp a line in the droppbox. Yay to new endeavors!

Bookmark thedropp and stay tuned!



My Folk Lover, Catherine Campbell, is a lovely illustrator with a knack for drawing beautiful women and curious boats. She is just another reason why I desperately need to visit Melbourne, Australia. See more of her work and process at her blog.

April 20, 2010



There are 100,000 things about photography that I adore - one of which is the ability to share it with others.

{Yashica A. Medium format. Kodak Professional ISO 160 film & Canon ae1. Ektar 100 film}

April 19, 2010



I can't stop listening to solo performer - Bachelorette. Her sound is a trippy dip into the world of synth pop, perfect for a grooveless day aching for a pick-me-up. I was so thankful to see her play live at Doug Fir in Portland. She commanded the stage with a focused intensity and hypnotic light show, almost causing me to seizure up with joy. If you enjoy an honest ode to the age of computerized sound with a dash of sex appeal and heaps of vocal talent, or if you just happen to like stuff that comes out of New Zealand, go to her. She is waiting for you.

April 18, 2010



The most difficult part of a trip is explaining it to others. Thank God for pictures.

{Canon ae1. 35mm Ektar 100. Yashica a. Medium format. Kodak professional iso 160}

April 15, 2010



"Hey lets hike to this secret cliff I know" is basically how most of my Portland photos came about. While visiting the city I got to meet up with Whitney Johnson, Dave Tuttle, and Parker Fitzgerald - all incredible people who dominate flickr's film following. We congregated at a perfect Portland breakfast spot, namely the Cricket Cafe, and plotted out our day; which included Mt. Hood, film, and margaritas. What should have taken an hour maybe two at the most turned into five epic hours of valley forging, photo taking, creek jumping, grass lounging, and storytelling. It was damn good day.

{Yashica A. Kodak 120 Professional ISO 160 film}

April 14, 2010



I am back from Portland. The trip was incredible. Where do I begin? Beach House & Bachelorette at Doug Fir, hiking through Mt. Hood's foothills with some pretty incredible fellow photo takers, Ace Hotel photobooth, dinner at Clyde Commons, and of course the irreplaceable joys of time with friends, both old and new. I got a lot of great photos to post soon. So stay tuned.

April 12, 2010



This is Lullatone - possibly one of my all time favorite musical duos. The best way to describe their sound is lullaby music for lovers. Way way back in the day I used to have an utterly irritating function on this blog, which streamed their song Leaves Falling automatically. It's since been removed to sustain the sanity of self and others. However, my undying affection for that song, as well as their every other, still remains. Please discover them and their many talents. You will find a world of beautiful sounds and images built on the hearth of love and grave talent.

April 10, 2010


Picnik collage
Picnik collage

It's quasi old news, but I'm still stuck on J Crew's new reveal of their 2010 Fall line. I can not get over all of these textures - lacy ruffles, plaid, woven wear, and sparkles. Quite the head turn for vintage lovers a-like and a bit of a leap for the brand. Sexy changes. I support it. Not only do I want to wear every piece, but I want to photograph them too!

April 9, 2010


picnikfile_NQkA6M 4520928449_b96871d365_o4521137163_52061a7aa0_o4521793512_bf9521eeaf_o

Meet David and Stacey, two incredible people, in love. They will be tying the knot very soon and I am thankful to document their love together.

{Yashica A, Medium Format. Fuji Provia 120 Film and Canon ae1. 35mm Film}

April 8, 2010



If you are ever in need of some geometric inspiration or just a fan of incredible pencil work, please visit Jelle Martens. You may have seen his triangle landscapes all over FFFFOUND! (See post bellow), or his sweet flickr cache; either way he is out there and you should know him.

April 7, 2010



More kooky design stuff I've been playing around with while bored at work. This image was inspired by Jelle Martens and his incredible geometric landscapes.

(Canon ae1. 35mm film)