April 22, 2010



I just finished the last batch of images from my trip to Portland. I have to say - I really dragged my feet on scanning and posting them. Somehow I felt that the moment I was through working on these photos would be the moment the experience was really over for me.... I haven't experienced a trip like that since my 3 month stint in Europe. Either way, it was an overdue escape and a surprising re-fresh in attitude towards photography, life, and everything else...

I found this quote last night, by a photographer whose work I really admire.

"The interaction is more important than the photos. Basically, I want to be around brilliant minds. And they let me take their picture." Autumn de Wilde.

So much of my experience in Portland, as well as how it made me feel about my photos can be summed up in that line. Sure I considered myself damn lucky to be out in the great Northwest, breathing in that dense mountain air, but none of it would have meant nearly as much as it did if it weren't for the creative minds I got to be around - graciously shedding mass quantities of inspiration all over me.

{Canon ae1. Ektar 100 film}


  1. colie, its so nice to see these photos! i was in the northwest around the same time. just got back from seattle/olympic peninsula today. these pix truly capture the spirit of the area with an analog flair that i adore.

    -robin (robin.halp on flickr)

  2. thank you robin!!! the northwest area was insanely beautiful and almost impossible to not get a great photo of.