April 22, 2010



Thank u very little needs to give more! That's why I want to do a sponsor swap.
Here's how it works: You give me your site banner and I will give you mine. Then we post the banners on the main page of our sites. Yep. It's that easy! Wait wait wait... It gets better. This will cost us NOTHING! That's right folks - FREE :) Lets work together and create more cross traffic between cool creative thinkers on the internetzzz and then DOMINATE THE WORLD.

If you are into this idea Email me {colienrp@yahoo.com} your banner and a link to your site/blog/tumblr/whathaveyou and lets start this sweet union.

P.S. I will only be able to swap up to 10 new sponsors at the moment. So act fast!!!

P.S.S. That is my sweeet banner up there. It would look great in your margin (that's what she said).


  1. I wanna do this. I can put yours on my tumblr. Just give me some time to work on mine.

  2. I would love to swap links. I still need to make a mini banner though.

  3. fantastic. both of you guys just send them to me with the link.