July 11, 2007

fuck famous people - they are so predictable

i hate liars and i am dating a pathological liar. things need to change.

on a posative note, i just got my back-pack for europe. it weighs 10 lbs with nothing even in it! fantastic.

so now it's officially sunk in, i'm going across the world for a very very very very long time. my life is going to change in a million and one ways. i'm spinning in circles, freaking out, can't wait another day, ready ready, ready.

i can't wait to leave behind this bullshit - to see the world, to fall in love with the sea, to lay in the flowers, to photograph the cathedrals, to bask in the sun, to be free of it all.

this photo is of cinque terre, my new home for a few months.