May 27, 2010



This Movie Is Broken - Trailer from Arts & Crafts on Vimeo.

I don't understand what is happening here? My favorite rock band.... inside of an amazing looking love story.... directed by a bad ass film maker.... Seriously. My head is spinning.

May 25, 2010


I am super stoked on being featured in a super cool publication - that I happen to religiously follow - Frankie Magazine. They feature photo, fashion, travel, art, design, craft, you name it! Oh and they are based out of AUS. Check them out here and see the full page here.

P.S. That's my pic down there at the bottom left corner!!!

May 24, 2010


a little bit of magic

I've been working on some projects here lately. One of which involves some new art and possibly even a book... I'm really really excited to get back into this process and I will certainly post more as things start to take shape.

Above are more photos from Washington, the land of a million photo opps.

{Canon ae1 35mm film ISO 200}

May 20, 2010



I have been in desperate need for some upbeat summertime jams since losing myself in the hearhum sounds of bands like The National (whom for the record put out a great album this year, but is clearly the Debbie Downer of sound in the wake of 2010 tunes). With that being said, you can only imagine my delight when sampling the tracks of Brooklyn based electro team - Sleigh Bells. I was instantly enamored by their combination of sounds - metal riffs and laser beams, Beach Boy melodies and robot noises, and blown out bass and sirens. Make no mistake about it - this is a dance album and it is damn affective. After listening to track 1 I was already fantasizing about Ibar and glitter dance parties.

May 14, 2010


all you need is love

While in Portland I met Whitney and Dave - great people, inspiring, kind, and creative. They reminded me that love is everywhere and all around - all we have to do is reach out and grab hold. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

{Medium Format. Yashica A. 120 film}

May 11, 2010


london UK - me & tomcornwall UKchesire UK

I'm totally in love with Lorena's geometric embrorderies. Her etsy shop - Maranon - is full of these darling designs, all made by hand and with love.

May 10, 2010


london UKascot UKwindsor UK

Kirra Jamison is more artistic proof that AUS has it going on creatively. Her works on paper are astounding enough to make me want to pick up a paint brush again...

May 9, 2010


american girl

Since it's Mothers Day, I thought I should share an old photo of my mom and I. It's one of my absolute favorite pictures of all time. This was taken in 1986 while on a road trip. Apparently Tom Petty's song, American Girl, came on the radio and my mother pulled over so that we could get out and dance. Just one of the millions of reasons why I love her so -- not to mention she is a toal 80s fox here.

Happy Mothers Day everyone.

May 7, 2010



forests foreverIMG_0003IMG_0002IMG_0005IMG_0029

I've been pretty lucky to go on many new adventures this year and Tennessee was one of them. Recently, a few of us set out for an escape to a cabin nestled on a hill in the woods. With no cell service or computer, we had time for tons of outdoor exploring. It was a much needed mental recharge. I recommend it, highly.

{Canon ae1. 50mm. Kodak Professional ISO 400 & Yashica A. Medium format. Kodak Professional ISO 160}



Today was the closing of Roid Week 2010. I thought I would share my contributions. Technically you aren't supposed to post up old images, but I am a bit of a rule breaker and also dead broke and thus fresh out of Polaroid film. So I figured what the hell...

These photos are all from once upon a time when I shot nothing but Polaroid film. I remember clear as crystal each moment they encompass. I suppose that's the greatest beauty of this film - it's more than chemcial composites packed inside of plastic. It's a memory saver, a chunk of nostalgia resembling the closest thing we may ever have to time travel.

{Polaroid Sx70 Alpha. 600 film. Nd filter. Closeup lens}

May 5, 2010



Hvass&Hanibal are top notch designers who implement incredible illustrative skills into everything they create. They recently released some 'affordable' art for the masses. I'm seriously debating about buying one of their psychedelic posters. I've always had a thing for loud colors and triangles...

May 3, 2010



3 Things:

1. I am back from my cabin adventure in Tennessee. It was awesome!
2. I still have a TON of photos from Portland (see above) and now Tennessee to share.
3. It's ROID WEEK :) and I will be posting one Polaroid photo a day till Sunday.

So check back for all the 'Roid raging action!!! and visit 'Roid week's flickr hub here to see what others are doing across the world.

{Canon ae1. Kodak Ektar 100 film}