October 31, 2009



Sometimes moments occur with the kind of ferocity of a speeding cyclone. they pummel through our meager existence consuming every blade of grass, barking dog, and falling leaf with a terrifying vigor.

I am caught up in a whirl wind myself these days, some kind of hurling twister is spinning my head around with determined defiance. But i am not scared. I willfully present myself to this formidable funnel.
{Yashica a. Kodak 400tx 120 film}

October 27, 2009



It's been a little over a week since my return from nyc and i finally feel settled in. i got my prints back from cph and to be honest, they really aren't anything to whoop and holler over. i probably wouldn't even write home about them, but never the less, they are little pieces of time frozen still for all eternity, and that in of itself is quite miraculous. i also loaded up on a bunch of films: provia 120, polaroid, 35 mm, and i finally got around to buying a new and very complicated canon ae-1 program 35 mm (since penny never recouped from the salt water catastrophe).

aside from my photo life, i've been taking some time out to focus on the things that build me up and put a smile on my face. i'm all consumed with a charles frazier novel thirteen moons. it's simple and rich and perfect for my life at this very moment. lots of evening runs and late night dinners seem to suffice my night owl tendencies, while making new friends has inspired a wealth of great ideas, new music, possible collaborations, art projects, and other various forms of unearthing that are possible only with the aid of human interaction.

in all of my wanting and wishing i must admit i am a thankful girl.

yashica a. medium format. kodak 400xt 12o film.

October 24, 2009



Isn't it a shame when memory fails us? Not unlike being cast out of some palatial promise land where words and sound are void and images of dimly lit living rooms with two souls twirling beneath paper flags reign for all eternity.

I am forgetting a lot of beautiful things. It's just the way it goes. I suppose.

{Pentax Asahi K1000. 400 35mm film}

October 19, 2009



I just got back from a great escape. I was lucky enough to trade one reality for another and take some time out in nyc with friends. It felt good to be immersed in the busy streets, with little time or concern to think twice about all the temporal drama that clogs my brain most days. Truth be told, I got lucky many times over this trip. Despite the lack of 120 film vendors in the city I managed to acquire a roll of b/w, I scored a few free taxis, saw a screening of where the wild things are, and met a very interesting photo taker. Finally, I really felt my luck running over when I stumbled onto a Robert Frank exhibition at the met showcasing all 83 original prints from his book, The American's. Not to mention several journals, mock up books, and corresponding letters to Walker Evans. If you don't know his work, then I weep for you. He is basically the Jack Kerouac of photography and embodies the American spirit in the time (when I am absolutely certain I was meant to be alive) of the beatnik 1940s and 50s.

I absolutely adore him for numerous reasons; especially achieving dignified professional status without compromising himself. Frank isn't full of fancy tricks or techniques, but is simply a humble journalist with two hearts in place of his eyes, on a constant journey in search of the spiritual, and capturing both the indescribable and yet utterly familiar.

Please discover his story if you don't know it yet. You wont regret it.

Also (and I utterly love this) bellow this photo a quote was inscribed:
"I am always looking outside, trying to look inside, trying to say something that is true. But maybe nothing is really true. Except what's out there. And what's out there is constantly changing."

October 12, 2009

tell me

what you've done today,
i would like to know
write it on the rocks and then
tell me where to go.
tell me you're the lucky one
& how fast you can throw
tell me how much you like yourself
& tell me why you go
unlike you were someone else,
i want to know.
tell me something bad you've done
tell me about your ghosts
tell me about your magic touch
& every coin you toss
pentax asahi k1000. 35mm film.

October 11, 2009



Check out the cool little article about me and my photos in lip magazine.
Side note: I can't stop listening to yppah and this afternoon i bought my first winter coat for the season.

Less than 4 days till nyc. I will be shooting medium format the ENTIRE time. Gird your loins. There will be an explosion of prints after my return.

October 10, 2009



I don't know if I'm moving forward or backwards anymore.
These are hard times for dreamers.
{Pentax Asahi K1000. 400 35mm film}

October 7, 2009

for what it's worth

For what it's worth. It's never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be. There is no time limit. You can start whenever and wherever you want. You can change into whatever you want to be. There are no rules to this thing, this life. You can make the worst of it or you can make the best of it.

I hope to make it the very best. I hope to see things that startle me and I hope to feel things I never thought were possible; but most of all, I hope to live a life that I am proud of and if I ever find that I am not, I hope I have the strength to never stop trying to find my way.

{Polaroid sx70 alpha. 600 film. ND filter}

October 6, 2009

i am counting

I am counting down the days till I get to skip town (10 to be exact). I really need to move around, to meet some new faces, and maybe see some old ones too. I need some crisp wind in my face, some kind of alive experience, a kind reminder that there is more to this life than fancy ideas and beautiful words... soon.
{Pentax Asahi K1000. 400 35mm film}

October 5, 2009


Listening to efterklang makes me crafty. i wander around the house like a hungry ghost in search of something to take apart and put back together again - fabric, scissors, thread and needle, I stitch some handmade paper invites for an upcoming dinner party... an hour later, I dig through my photo box, flipping through prints tucked away in envelopes like long lost love notes... and viola! a small stack of images I never scanned or posted on here. It will have to suffice my roaming hands for a day or two.

I just recently learned that my pentax needs some doctoring. The shutter release is sticking, not snapping photos, and probably needs a new spring or something... and it couldn't come at a worse time. I'm leaving for a trip to nyc in a week and what little money I have set aside is reserved strictly for travels. thankfully my yashica is a fucking tank and survives epic blows and will thus accompany me on my next journey.

{Yashica a. Provia 400 120 film}

October 3, 2009

my life is

My life is a series of events, that all become stories.
i guess part of my fascination with photo taking is the ability of recording it all; maybe not with great accuracy but certainly with great heart...

Pentax Asahi K1000. 35mm film.