October 5, 2009


Listening to efterklang makes me crafty. i wander around the house like a hungry ghost in search of something to take apart and put back together again - fabric, scissors, thread and needle, I stitch some handmade paper invites for an upcoming dinner party... an hour later, I dig through my photo box, flipping through prints tucked away in envelopes like long lost love notes... and viola! a small stack of images I never scanned or posted on here. It will have to suffice my roaming hands for a day or two.

I just recently learned that my pentax needs some doctoring. The shutter release is sticking, not snapping photos, and probably needs a new spring or something... and it couldn't come at a worse time. I'm leaving for a trip to nyc in a week and what little money I have set aside is reserved strictly for travels. thankfully my yashica is a fucking tank and survives epic blows and will thus accompany me on my next journey.

{Yashica a. Provia 400 120 film}

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