October 12, 2009

tell me

what you've done today,
i would like to know
write it on the rocks and then
tell me where to go.
tell me you're the lucky one
& how fast you can throw
tell me how much you like yourself
& tell me why you go
unlike you were someone else,
i want to know.
tell me something bad you've done
tell me about your ghosts
tell me about your magic touch
& every coin you toss
pentax asahi k1000. 35mm film.


  1. Hi Colie

    I know you don't usually blog about global issues but thought you might be interested in participating in BLOG ACTION DAY 2009 which is happening today. You can register by googling the above words or clicking on the link on my blog.

    Just thought you might like to put up one of your fabulous photographs depicting your unique view of the world and the people on it (in support of this year's theme Climate Change) Just a thought. In case you're interested. Be happy. Jean x

  2. here is what i did today and now you're invited :

    i would be honored if you wished to participate to my new project : http://fifikoussout.blogspot.com/2009/10/perfect-life-book.html