October 27, 2009



It's been a little over a week since my return from nyc and i finally feel settled in. i got my prints back from cph and to be honest, they really aren't anything to whoop and holler over. i probably wouldn't even write home about them, but never the less, they are little pieces of time frozen still for all eternity, and that in of itself is quite miraculous. i also loaded up on a bunch of films: provia 120, polaroid, 35 mm, and i finally got around to buying a new and very complicated canon ae-1 program 35 mm (since penny never recouped from the salt water catastrophe).

aside from my photo life, i've been taking some time out to focus on the things that build me up and put a smile on my face. i'm all consumed with a charles frazier novel thirteen moons. it's simple and rich and perfect for my life at this very moment. lots of evening runs and late night dinners seem to suffice my night owl tendencies, while making new friends has inspired a wealth of great ideas, new music, possible collaborations, art projects, and other various forms of unearthing that are possible only with the aid of human interaction.

in all of my wanting and wishing i must admit i am a thankful girl.

yashica a. medium format. kodak 400xt 12o film.


  1. We are having a dance. You come too.

  2. "Now I own your thoughts.
    I own your breath.
    I own your heart."