May 20, 2010



I have been in desperate need for some upbeat summertime jams since losing myself in the hearhum sounds of bands like The National (whom for the record put out a great album this year, but is clearly the Debbie Downer of sound in the wake of 2010 tunes). With that being said, you can only imagine my delight when sampling the tracks of Brooklyn based electro team - Sleigh Bells. I was instantly enamored by their combination of sounds - metal riffs and laser beams, Beach Boy melodies and robot noises, and blown out bass and sirens. Make no mistake about it - this is a dance album and it is damn affective. After listening to track 1 I was already fantasizing about Ibar and glitter dance parties.


  1. i havent been here in awhile your blog home is looking very nice. and i will have to give them a listen id like to dream of glitter dance parties to right now.
    peace & love.

  2. so good to hear :) long live summertime!