May 7, 2010



Today was the closing of Roid Week 2010. I thought I would share my contributions. Technically you aren't supposed to post up old images, but I am a bit of a rule breaker and also dead broke and thus fresh out of Polaroid film. So I figured what the hell...

These photos are all from once upon a time when I shot nothing but Polaroid film. I remember clear as crystal each moment they encompass. I suppose that's the greatest beauty of this film - it's more than chemcial composites packed inside of plastic. It's a memory saver, a chunk of nostalgia resembling the closest thing we may ever have to time travel.

{Polaroid Sx70 Alpha. 600 film. Nd filter. Closeup lens}


  1. I just came across your flickr and blog via the Frankie magazine newsletter. Fellow Polaroid fan here! I think this Roid Week was the best yet -- so much fun.

  2. thank you teresa! newsletter??? i love frankie mag. maybe you can forward it to me (


  3. Hi, I'm a huge Polaroid fan also. These are lovely. Especially the red shoes.