April 15, 2010



"Hey lets hike to this secret cliff I know" is basically how most of my Portland photos came about. While visiting the city I got to meet up with Whitney Johnson, Dave Tuttle, and Parker Fitzgerald - all incredible people who dominate flickr's film following. We congregated at a perfect Portland breakfast spot, namely the Cricket Cafe, and plotted out our day; which included Mt. Hood, film, and margaritas. What should have taken an hour maybe two at the most turned into five epic hours of valley forging, photo taking, creek jumping, grass lounging, and storytelling. It was damn good day.

{Yashica A. Kodak 120 Professional ISO 160 film}


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  2. I like this blog post and I like your shoes.

  3. nice shoes, where did you buy it? :)

  4. i got them at a vintage store while i was in portland. i wish i remembered the name of that place. they had hella crazy vintage tshirts too.