April 14, 2010



I am back from Portland. The trip was incredible. Where do I begin? Beach House & Bachelorette at Doug Fir, hiking through Mt. Hood's foothills with some pretty incredible fellow photo takers, Ace Hotel photobooth, dinner at Clyde Commons, and of course the irreplaceable joys of time with friends, both old and new. I got a lot of great photos to post soon. So stay tuned.


  1. p.s. - you know nate o.??? small small world! i hope your stay in portland was beautiful.

  2. baaaaaaaaaah NATE O!!!! he is the best in the west. hah. one key thing i learned on this trip, portland is a very small scene or world. however you want to look at it. but i loved it there. and now i want to reside all up in it.