January 19, 2010


It is a wondrous thing - the connectedness of our lives with others. On the drive back from Charleston I though a lot about where I am in my life and how the hell I got here. There are patterns in the everyday chaos that surrounds us, sometimes creating growth where there should be none at all. I am thankful for this time in my life right now, for the love in my heart, for the people who surround me, and for the places I've been - some dark and some despairing, but always presenting a promise, a deeply seeded desire for the next greatest moment of my life.

{Canon ae-1. 35 mm Iso 400 Film}


  1. Me too Colie. We appear to be on the same tangent at the moment... though years apart... and on opposite sides of the planet. The Universal life experience eh?

    Hope 2010 brings all good things for you... :-)

  2. we are the lucky ones, in that we get it, even though we may never really have it.

    best wishes to you my dear!

  3. ooh my, your blog and flickr are SO amazingly wonderful.
    i can't remember if i've discovered your blog before...but i am so glad I have found it now! beautiful!

  4. Thank you Betsey. That really does mean a lot to me. Your blog is really nice too. I wish I had the time/patience to post all the amazing photos I see online of other peoples work as well as my own. Maybe I will get around to doing that sometime soon...