April 27, 2009

tomorrow is my birthday.
i know this sounds a tad mellow dramatic but i am just not really feeling like i even care. i honestly just want it to be friday so that i can just enjoy the damn weekend. so if father time wants to send me a little fast forward button for my birthday i'd be truly appreciative.

here is another photo from the daniel lewis shoot. i took a few more outside in the lawn but this is my favorite one to share with the world wide web.

this photo makes me feel a little nostalgic, remembering days of long naps in tall grass, staring up at tree branches as they interlock like the fingers of lovers, and the longing. since birth i believe it existed inside me, some mysterious yearning, burning inside my chest for things beyond my understanding - adventure, true love, the future...

i'm rambling.

Yashica A Model. 120 Fuji Film.


  1. Happy Birthday Colie! Enjoy today because trust me, father time will creep up on you and your going to wish him away!

  2. happy birthday!


  3. We all must age- to expect otherwise is to expect disappointment. Which may not be as terrible an option as it sounds.

    Life is uncertain.
    Nothing known is permanent.
    That makes us graceful.

    Happy birthday. Plan to face tomorrow the way you faced yesterday- with grace, and a child's eye for wonderment. It's clearly working for you thus far (according to your pictures, which are fantastic).