April 5, 2009


this is dan - a good good friend. i did a photo shoot with him this weekend, used lots of cameras and accomplished a couple of neat "looks". it's just the first round of shoots with him, so be prepared - there is absolutely more to come. this polaroid is his contribution to the faces project. it is definitely one of my favorites. i'm loving his crazy specs and relaxed gaze. i know i mentioned this before, but i'm totally obsessed with over-exposing the shot. in a way i feel as if it subtly glorifies the subject. we all deserve to feel glorified every now and then, don't we?

5 facts about dan:
he chews gum in the shower and likes it
he stitched an obama quilt that he wears as a parka on brisk evenings
his secret movie crush is audrey tautou
he detests grammatical errors and bobble head dolls
he learned french from rosetta stone and muzzy

Polaroid Sx 70 Alpha. 600 Film. No Filter. Faces the project (#15).
in december 2008 i started this project after photographing everyone in my family. i was incredibly inspired by how different they seemed on the print as opposed to how i see them everyday. it got me thinking about how we carry preconceptions of people, especially those we already know, and how that affects the way we see them.

so it is my goal to to remove all the stigmas and back stories that affect the way we see one another, and to simply show people at face value. polaroid seems to be a perfect medium to this mission as it is an instant capture, without any of the smoke and mirrors of fancy editing, and simply more true to the moment.

also, as part of this project i am asking 5 random facts from each person. it could be anything that they want to share. the goal is to achieve something concrete about who they are according to them. some of the facts have surprised me, which only lead me to believe even further that our mental stereotypes are difficult guards to surrender. 

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