April 22, 2009

i love coming home to this. i put mc cartney's ram album and groove to side one while picking up the house. light fills every room and it's warmth is a kind reminder of things i've been missing in my life.

lately my thoughts have been carrying me away in a million different directions. it's only an ant hole at the moment, but when will it become a mountain?

Yashica A. 120 Kodak 400xt Film.


  1. really nice work colie...& i like your sweet little furry friend.

  2. that is such a great photo!
    i also love listening to the tunes from my record player. the simple things that make me happy. :)

  3. what lovely light! and i can almost hear the music :) nice work!

  4. i wish for the days when i could turn my music up way too loud and not care to return.