April 1, 2009

you know alot when you lose something.

i heard someone say that recently and it really hit me hard.

when you have it, you take it forgranted. every day this thing or person is always there just like the air you breathe and so it's invaluable nature is meaningless to you.

why is this the human condition; to tolerate life instead of appreciate it? people are not disposable and yet i see relationships being thrown away constantly. we don't have the time, or the money, or the energy to nurture the world around us and then we wonder why we feel so unfulfilled and unhappy.

my biggest fear is to move throughout life without truly realizing it's value, to not listen enough to people's needs, to not help enough where it's needed. i fear being stuck on an island in my mind, where only i exhist.

i know that for me, selflessness is the heart of love and so it is my eager efforts to approach every person, task, and thing with that mindset.

Polaroid Sx-70 Alpha. 600 Film. ND Filter.


  1. Colie you need have no fear that you will not realise the value of your life nor your dreams. You are living it every day... writing words and creating beautiful pictures for the rest of the world to enjoy. That is no small thing.

  2. to enjoy life one must have freedom.

  3. Anon there is no such thing as freedom. Whilst we humans breathe and walk the earth we are all accountable to something... or someone... somewhere. It's unavoidable. And even if we were to find a way to avoid it... we would still ultimately be accountable to ourselves. For without some form of accountability we would not last long.

  4. i agree with both you. to be free is really just a state of mind anyways. being responsible for your life is just mentally accepting your place in the world.

  5. freedom is not opposed to unaccountability. it is opposed to oppression. accountability does not need bind a person in chains.

    physical freedom
    emotional freedom
    financial freedom

    in my humble opinion, without these three keys, one is unable to express themselves or enjoy anything to the fullest.

  6. I heard that phrase too in the trailer for the film "In a Dream" and my google search turned up only this site.

    The full quote was, "You know a lot when you lose something. When you got it, you don't know."

    Sadly, it's true for most of us, most of the time. Sometimes we have life experiences that wake us up, such as being close to death, losing or almost losing a loved one, going through a rough period and making a recovery.

    Going through depression and recovering has made me appreciate life much more. Still, even after going through such a horrible, crushing experience, there are days where I notice myself taking things for granted. But at least now I catch myself and am aware of it, and quickly try to get myself back on track. But it is a human struggle and one that likely won't ever be solved. You can only pledge to forever try.

  7. agreed ian :)

    wolfy - that is where i got the quote! i actually saw the film at the florida film fest. the trailer is posted somewhere in my blog archives as well... it is an amazing film, one that shook me awake to my surroundings. i agree with you in that it is the human condition to take life for granted. it's as if we have to lose something in order to realize the very significance it holds. everything in life require effort, even love, joy and peace. it's when we give that effort that we feel most alive and free.

  8. Colie: Wonderful insight. Yes, even the good things in life take effort.

    It's the human condition to take things for granted, but I'm starting to wonder if that isn't always a bad thing. I suppose if you don't get "used to" things, with so much stimuli out there in the world, we'd soon be overloaded. It's almost like we need to take old things for granted in order to "make room" for all the new things. Also, not being satisfied with our current state drives us to seek more and better, so in a way it does advance us.

    Still, I know that I feel bad when I know I've taken something for granted, so I know something "wrong" is happening, regardless of whatever benefits there may or may not be.