June 22, 2008

the 22nd

today is the 22nd of june. uneventful. understated. unmistakable. unrequited. undulated.
22 times i imagined his face. 22 times i thought i loved him. 22 times i thought i hated him. 22 times i checked my phone for his text. 22 times i was let down by him. 22 waisted words i conjured to share with him. 22 hundred miles between us. 22 prayers to 22 saints that he would think of me.

** i know i know. vague. as always.


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  2. beautiful words...
    it's hard to be in love ...
    anyway.... I love the post

  3. Matthias the one from flickrJune 23, 2008 at 11:27 AM

    you should make a book.