June 21, 2008

go mordecai!!!!

it's movie night at the EP. i'm sick with the flu and kylie is broke, and so we've resolved to stay in this saturday night. sometimes i wish i was gay and that kylie was gay so we could be gay together. we would be the perfect couple.
we are watching the royal tenenbaums again for the umpteenth time. i will not go into all of the various reasons as to why this film is amazingly amazing. i will just say that i love it so.
with that being said it should be pretty obvious as to why i took the above polaroid. also, i wanted to pay a little tribute to a flickr friend who single handedly leaves me the best comments.

"can we get somebody over here to kill these mice for us?"Royal
"no! they belong to chas. or he invented them anyway."Margot
"get him to stick them in a fucking cage or something."Royal

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