June 21, 2008

oh well, ok

i didn't take this photo today. today it is very dark and rainy outside. i wish i could take a picture of the shitty sky that mirrors my shitty attitude. but instead i am rescanning a happy, sunshining polaroid from a few months ago, because someone ordered this print for an 8x10 enlargment.

i am in no mood to throw a rediculous peace sign at the clouds. fuck that. i'd rather give them the middle finger.

i know i am being over-dramatic and that today isn't really that bad. i am just annoyed with working weekends, and my shitty boring desk job sucks. doing customer service and pretending to care about peoples opinions is driving me crazy. i would much rather be home, working on my polaroid project stuff, nursing my cold... which i am pretty sure is the flu, since i woke up numerouse times, sweating profusley, coughing uncontrolably, and unable to breathe through my nose. i am a wreck. the sky is a wreck. everyone around me is a wreck. but such is life eh?

i have one more week till the art show. all of my nails are bitten down to their cuticles.


  1. Chuck the job and focus on your art! Getting sick is nature's way of slowing us down and making us focus... get well soon! :-)

  2. if only i could jean.
    if only i could.

    i seriously am thinking about pulling a mike brodie and just vagabonding from state to state for a little bit.