June 20, 2008

well wishers

i am making a new resolution: to blog more. instead of waiting for some crazy hell-fire incident to occur in my life i will write regularly, about the photos i'm taking and how they reflect what's going on in my life, because i can not really get into all that on flickr. i think it annoys people... so with that being said here goes:

toady was pretty good. kylie (my roommate/best friend) and i played in the yard. it was my day off and my biggest priority was polaroid taking, cookie eating, and lawn chair lounging.
i feel bad sometimes bc i am always volunteering kylie into the photos, but just look at her. she is a natural and she is beautiful. i hate having my photo taken. i am awkward and i am uncomfortable in my skin.

the original shot i wanted to do was to have her stand beside this utility fan i have and to have her hair blowing all crazy in her face, but alas, the fan was not nearly as high powered as i would have liked (imagine someone blowing out a birthday cake).
we sat there in the hot hot heat- me focusing meticulously and her laughing hysterically at the fact that the fan was only blowing one strand of hair. so we gave up.

10 mins later we were in the street being dumb and dancing around and doing cartwheels. she had on a sharp little raincoat and i saw it: the shot of the day! "wait!!! hold your hands right there - like you are tying the coat together" - half demanding, half laughing at the sound of my stupid ass.

sometimes the most beautiful moments can not be staged. they just sort of happen... and being silly girls in the middle of the street, watching and waiting as the rain falls on our faces is all the perfect shot requires (well that and a sx 70 alpha).

god i love summer time.


  1. I love summer so much too. I like your blog greatly.

  2. that is greatly appreciated anonymous friend :)