June 6, 2008


today has been a lovely day.
my friend dan came to visit from denver, we had peach yogi tea, then drove out to deltona - the country. we ate spanish food, and i took a pola of him that turned out to be a double exposure mess-up. i quite like it though. mistakes can be incredible embellishments and sometimes a greater depiction of the moment then the clearest, most pristine replicas. 

when i got home i picked up a package that came to me in the post today. i knew who it was from...raymond! i ripped the package apart and shreeked with joy to find 1 shiny beautiful cartridge of time zero polaroid film. i have never had the privilege to use time zero film before. in 2006 it was discontinued, then after polaroid announced it's end to all instant film the price sky rocketed. now, if you are lucky enough to even find it, it will run you anywhere from $50 to $100 for a single pack. raymond is a great friend. if it weren't for him i wouldn't have even begun taking polaroids... the fact that he knew to send me this film means a lot. a hell of a lot. i am touched.
i am also touched that a close friend drove 30 mins out of his way today to help me sort through 100's of photos to chose from, for the art show, and that he so graciously lent me his external hard drive. each scanned image takes up more memory than my computer can hold. so without this i wouldn't even be able to prepare a single photo. i am touched that jean and bernd went through every single image on the web and made a list of the photos they would like to see enlarged. i am touched by all of the support i receive from my lovely friends, as they encourage me along when i begin worrying that i will fail. i am touched when complete strangers take the time to share their kind opinions and reassure me of my vision.
today has been a lovely day.

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  1. Colie... I like the double exposure effect too... maybe it was the peach yogi tea? (just kidding) So pleased I was able to help make someone's day somewhere! That makes me very happy... :-)