June 24, 2008

summertime in the fields

as i was dozing off last night, and saying goodbye to yesterdays dirt i remembered this beautiful thing my dad told me once as a little girl. he said "all dragonflies return to the lake where they were first born to touch down one more time again before they die." i don't know if he made that up to charm me (since he is known to have been a tall tale teller), or if it is just some rare jewel of a fact that he read once in a dusty encyclopedia.. either way i treasure it.

under my sheets, alone in my bed, drifting farther and farther away from every breach of peace, i imagined him, like a shining dragonfly. regal and handsome in the light. visiting me one more time.

this polaroid was taken a month ago at horseshoe lake. it reminds me of summer, and the beautiful stories we make - like the dragonfly. it reminds me of my longing for love and angst for freedom. it reminds me of youth.


  1. Beautiful image Colie!

    Hey... you changed your blog format! It looks great.

  2. thank you thank you :)!!!!
    it feel better this way.
    i'm glad you like it too.

  3. It's so funny.that you say how you are hating your day job right now. I actually look at your images on Flickr most mornings as they get me through my painfull job. It's interesting that I look at your images and see this sunny ideal life that gets me through my bland days