June 30, 2008


i took this polaroid today. somehow i magically fixed my sx 70. i had to remove the blend filter from the film pack and that was it. i have no idea why the filter was causing the polaroid's to get stuck in the camera??... but alas! it is fixed.
i stamped this saying on it bc it is the advice my mother gave me this weekend. the weekend of the supposed art show.

to make a long story short:
i drove all the way out to jax beach for the art show only to find out it was postponed for july 29th. apparently the people at urban outfitters thought they had contacted me about it earlier, but instead of a phone call or email i had to find out after i got up there. the morning of... hmmm...

i am not going to go on and on about how pissed off i was. i will only say thank god for whiskey, good friends/family, and the atlantic ocean.
i was on the phone with my mom, confused, upset, and a little embarrassed when she said "colie. all you have to do is something." after i hung up the phone i felt better knowing that i did everything i could. the show will go on, on a different day. no big deal.

somehow i still ended up selling a bunch of prints to some friends of a friend. so i guess it all worked out. the orlando show is coming up in 6 days so i guess i am better prepared for that one.

***big thanks to kristin for buying a whopping 10 prints! and thanks to dave for buying 5 of my 4x5 ers. i am a blessed girl. truly.


  1. I like people that look at what could potentially be a really lame situation and try to see the positive in it.

  2. I like what your Mom had to say "all you have to do is something". We could all do well to remember that one! :-)

  3. benny and jean!
    thanks so much for the comment.
    i try very hard to stay "optimistic". i guess i believe that everything happens for a reason and depending on how i react to it the situation can make a positive or a negative impact on my life.
    i like to focus on all the positives: i will show in jax in a few weeks. i will be better prepared. i will show in orlando tomorrow and get to exhibit more prints now. i will get to see my family and friends and not have to stress for this orlando thing, since all the work is already done...

    yay ;)

  4. Hi Colie!

    Thought this might help if you run into trouble with the sixth photo again! Maybe you already figured it out yourself... anyway...

    Just wanted to tell that I ran into the same problem with photo number six and my SX-70. Figured out that somehow the photos in the filmpack gets sticky, maybe because of pressure when I add and clean the ND-filter when attatching it to the pack. So slipped an old picture into the pack (on top) so I could remove it without exposing the 6th photo again. A little bit of tinkering and I could loosen the photos, inserted it again, removed the extra photo and voila the sixth picture pups out! :-)

    Have a nice day and happy photo-hunting!

    Best regards