July 2, 2008

skinny love

these two polaroids are not all that new. the first one was taken in february and the second one was taken in may. i finally got around to uploading them on flickr, bc i finally got around to liking them. initially when i took these polas i wanted to trash them bc they turned out overexposed and blurred.

now when i look at them i see the epitome of my summer: quick-fire moments, warm, beautiful, and fleeting. a boy i fell for but can hardly remember, on a day that faded faster than i would like to admit. a kiss and a touch so soft it's nearly evaporated.

i am never trashing these!!!

i guess i could call it polaroid hindsight. sometimes i can't appreciate a polaroid at first, bc i can't understand it's honesty of that moment. it takes time for me to see it. eventually after some time has passed i am able to look back at the polaroid and remember that moment. i realize how it reflects all the things i couldn't understand at the time.

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