July 4, 2008

day dreams

today is day dream day.
from the moment i woke up till this very second, and even as i am typing this now, i am in reverie.

at 9 am i woke up and he was there. lying in bed next to me. not across the country, but near me. breathing on me. soft and warm. delicate and rhythmic. i lay frozen like a statue. still and watching him. listening intently. amazed at the impact of his respire. careful not to move in fear of waking him up. waking him and then waking me, to which reality would set in... and then the inevitable. he would vanish.

i watched his lips - open and parted. i had this impulse to touch them. to feel their chappedness. it welled up inside me. overwhelming me. and in their divide i was engulfed. swallowed whole by the lips that i adore. that i've tasted and felt. their softness on my skin, sliding up my arm and tickling my neck. the lips that i've heard. their whispers in my ear, forming letters into words, and words into deeds, that in time would be explored, and eventually exploited.

this photo is not a polaroid. i took it with my mac isight. then i edited it to look like a polaroid 450 with id uv film.
i do not actually own a 450 or id uv film, i day dream about it though.


**happy 4th of july.


  1. deer
    so sensual
    so wonderful
    overwhelmingly adorable

  2. brnd,
    thank you kind friend :)

    how are you????