December 14, 2009



I realize lately there's been an explosion of Wes images in my posts. We've had the luxury of spending a lot more time together and of course this involves photo taking. I always feel very fortunate to spend any little bit of time I can with him. No matter the circumstances, or location, or time constraint, I am simply enamored with the small adventures we make together. And of course, it's in my nature to share each thought and experience, especially the ones captured on film. So there you have it.

These photos are from my trip up to Georgia. I shot this entire roll not even realizing it was black and white. I was a little more than disappointed when I figured out all the colorful frames I anticipated were not going to exist. Shit happens when you don't pay attention. Now that a few days have passed I must admit that these prints have grown on me. There is a timeless quality to black and white photos, a feeling of immortality even in the most modern images. Maybe the most impactful artistic affects can be the most basic, the ones stripped down to their bones and simplified to the mere necessity of dark verses light.

{Yashica a. Ilford 400 120 film. Medium format}


  1. I hate it when that happens! I like the black and white though, even if it's not what you thought you were creating, it's still beautiful.

  2. thank you so much. it's grown on me. i do love the timelessness of black and white. i was just so excited for those colors. oh wellz.