December 15, 2009



Last weekend I spent the night with my family in the woods, namely Anastasia Island. We huddled around the camp fire beneath a tarp that served as a makeshift barrier protecting us from the gusts of wind and rain that poured overhead. Despite the conditions, moral was high. Smores were constructed and consumed. Stories of the past were rehashed and received warmly. I felt 13 years old again, isolated in the night, unaware of any impending threats to my adult future, fully fulfilled, fully myself.

I did manage to squeeze in some explore time with my 35 mm. That is probably my favorite thing ever right now: throw on some shoes, grab a camera, and get walking. Of course, on the camping trip I was on bike and dodging rain clouds.

All in all it was a great escape and more importantly a much needed time of bonding.

{Yashica a. Ilford 400 120 film}


  1. Very beautiful...

    Your whole blog is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing the beauty...


  2. Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it :)