December 23, 2009



On a recent trip to the antique store I found this amazing print with the inscription "Parks" at the bottom. I quickly added it to my stack of purchases. After I got home I sat down and looked at the image for a long while. I was astounded by all the incredible detail depicted, despite the persistence of time. I can't begin to imagine how it is possible to capture such quality images with the remedial technologies used back then. It blows my mind. What's even crazier to think about are the people featured here. Their mysterious lives imprinted in hues of silver and brown - revealing faces frozen like stone and fashions and customs so outdated it's scarcely possible to wrap my head around how they ever existed. It saddens me to think about how I will never know the story behind this photo, but I suppose that is the beauty of finds like this, you just have to create your own lives for them.

On this same trip I also came across an amazing old suitcase, tattered and torn up, and buckles barely able to open. The thing must have traveled to China and back centuries ago. I am in the process of crafting it up for a Christmas gift for my roommate. Also, I scored a 2 volume set of Alice and Wonderland published in 1946, which I cut apart and made into a photo album.

I can't stop making things.

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