July 15, 2009

so i'm officially finished with all of the images for the band a pause in the desert. i am very happy with the results and am excited to see the eveloution of them, from idea to concept, concept to print, print to graphics, logo, web, and beyond!

it was a tramendous honor and sense of accomplishment for me to complete this project. i'm definitely anxious to begin another one!!!

also, kylie and i finally found a place! yes. that's right. i won't be homeless for much longer! it's a wonderful apartment in the middle of downtown. it was built in the 1930's, all wood floors, tons of windows, creeky stairs, hanging chandeliers, even a fire escape (which rarely ever exists in apartments in florida). i am soooo excited and have all of my fingers crossed that we will be able to move in sometime soon, possibly this weekend.

after this crazy apartment search, i have decided that anywhere i move from here on out should be a place that inspires me, somewhere noteworthy of capturing in photos. thankfully, the apartment on Pine is just one of those places.

after i get all moved in and settled i'm going to start working on a new series with my yashica. i have this urge to do abstract florals, preferably black and whites... and perhaps on a very large scale... mmmmm yes.

Yashica A. 120 Kodak Porta Film. Medium Format. 6x6.


  1. how are you scanning these. are you just having colonial do it or espon/canon?

  2. hi wes :)
    i'm scanning the processed film with an epson film scanner. are you shooting more film these days?