July 14, 2009

this photo is of michael valenzano and josh worden, the same cool cats of a pause in the desert. it reminds me so much of the rickety southern charm that is downtown jacksonville. there is something special about that place... it's a little unpolished and yet completely sophisticated. a place after my own heart.

as for me, i'm all moved out of my sublease and living the life of a vagabon, for at least for a week or so. until i find a place to move into, i'm basically crashing with friends and living out of an overnight bag... not as fun as one may suspect, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Yashica A, 120 Kodak Porta Film, Medium Format. 6x6.


  1. I had to do that for a week or so last year. It's not so bad.

    This photo is beautiful by the way.

  2. it could be worse. i could be stuck at the atlanta air port for a week... with no a/c.... and $29 in my bank account.

    thanks about the pic