July 16, 2009

mmmmm.... polaroid.

i miss shooting my sx70 so much. there are no words for the satisfaction one gets from instant film results. on the contrary, i can think of quite a few inappropriate words to the opposite effect.

it's been an interesting transition into the world of medium format. for so long polaroid was my asthetic and truth be told, i am still addicted to square prints. that's probably why i progressed to 120 film, it just feels naturally suiting. i must admit though, polaroid did spoil me. for that one year when i shot strictly with my sx70 alpha, instant results wasn't just a perk, it was the standard.

after i began shooting in medium format i suffered, with great pain, the angst of waiting for my film to develop. sometimes 3 to 4 days!!!! impatience took on a new meaning for me.

now, however i've grown to love it. i never really know what i'm going to get when i pick up my prints. sometimes i hate every single frame.... but more often than not, there are a few prints in the bunch that totally catch me off guard; double exposures layered just so... deep shadows and tones that only a creeky ol' vintage devise can produce without any post editing.

one of these days i am going to buy a large format camera and really explore the relm of enlargements. in a perfect world i will find some old lady selling a hassy on craigslist for way less than its worth... why an old lady you may ask? well why not!

one day.

Polaroid Sx70 Alpha. 600 Film.

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