February 3, 2009


i was really anxious all day today at work. i kept thinking about my last roll of 12o i dropped off to get developed yesterday. i need to know how they turned out, was there another light leak, did i adjusted the exposure well enough??? i must of checked the clock 100 times. this not knowing was killing me, but more than anything i hate waiting, so i devised an early escape plan and skipped out of a work a bit earlier than my usual 5:30 PM. and wouldn't you know it, the know-it-all processing clerk accidently told me the wrong pick up date... Wednesday at 4:30 PM not Tuesday at 4:30 PM.... bummer. i was really disappointed so instead i went home and photographed some of the new house with my disgusting large DSLR. it's no yash but it will have to do until tomorrow.

what i love most about this house is it's charm and character. tiny little details that can easily be overlooked are treasures in my eyes. i especially love when the morning light comes through the enormous hand-made pains of window glass. it spreads like wild fire and coats everything it touches with a magic silver lining.

i have few more of the house i will post later. tomorrow will be print day and i will be anxiously awaiting my escape, once again.

Nikon D80.

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