February 2, 2009

if you want it you got it

It's been a busy hectic and crazy few days. I have been a little absent from the interwebs - blogging, flickr posts, and aim chats have been lacking, but be assured that rest is not idleness! I am busy busy busy settling into my new house downtown with b and photographing all the magical little places that strike me as special, with light pouring in at every angle... It's really an inspiring place to live, call it the Have House b/c it resides on Haven Drive and also b/c it is our little haven from the outside world.

Also, I am picking up a roll of 120 film (I shot last week) tomorrow so I will have a ton of new uploads soon. Until then enjoy this song by the Candyskins.

Yashica A Model. 120 Film. 6x6.


  1. I love this shot.

    Good luck with your busy times :)

  2. thanks!!! now that i'm back in FL i miss the snow :(

  3. I like your Blog. Very nice shots :)
    saludos desde chile