February 4, 2009

unpacking... still

it's been 5 days since we moved into the haven house and it seems we are still upacking... there are boxes everywhere, pretty much in every single room, some stacked higher than me! it's sorta driving me crazy. this is the spare bedroom, which is basically a mini replica of my old room minus the green walls. this room and the kitchen are the only rooms in the house that are officially unpacked. i wish i could say the moving process has been a breaze but that would be a lie. minutes after moving in our cat peed in almost every single room; on the tv, in the fireplace, on the bedroom door, on the comforter, in the laundry room, on b's bag... who knew cat's could generate that much uraine? then we couldn't get the heat working and it was 30 degrees out, so we put on mittens and beanies which sorta worked. we drank an entire bottle of red wine which was a house warming gift (pun intended). that chiante warmed us up good!

since then it's been a battle of motivation. after we get home from work its difficult to want to do anything you know you should, like unpacking your bathroom towels and dvds.

i am picking up my film for real today after work, then back to the land of boxes.


  1. can you guess who hates you?



  2. i just have to say that dresser is so, so beautiful. wow.