September 16, 2008

life is beautiful

sometimes, when things are so horrific... so unimaginably painful... so terrifyingly scary.... i imagine i am floating in the sky. i am soaring above towns and cities, spotting tiny cars, with even tinier people driving them, going about their tiny little lives, to jobs and homes all smaller than my pinky toe nail.
like the games of a child... i pretend that i am soaring through the sky and all of my problems are the size of a pea in comparison to the great wide world beneath me.
and life is beautiful.

(if you do not know what i am talking about in the slightest, then perhaps you have never endured a hardship, or maybe you have no imagination, in which case... you should watch this.

life is beautiful. sometimes it's just a matter of thinking.


  1. You're right Colie... most of us don't even know we're alive.

  2. so good to see this photo again..
    It is just. Beyond.

    Good movie.
    I'm grown up on italian movies, Fellini & such.. - & they are an amazing inspiration!

    Having, as I wrote; just stumbled in here
    there's a lot on my mind suddenly.

    You write beautifully. Love the text on the
    rare flowershot.. I can so recognize 'myself', my family, my mother..
    Memories like that.

    ..& You being.. not well!? I hope.. I hope You are better!!

    Love hannah (honeypieliving)

  3. i want to say somthing, but, i have nothing.