September 15, 2008

this makes me happy

i feel horrible because i have not blogged in over a week!!! but this does not mean that there hasn't been anything going on. actually it's the exact opposite. so much has been happening that i haven't had very much time to document it.

right now i am sitting on my couch with a box fan pointing right at my face because it is 90 degrees in my house. YES.... the AC is broken again and i am uploading my polaroids from a week ago, half deaf in one ear while the turbo blasting, jet engine fan attempts to cool me off.

from all the polaroids i took on our trip i have to say that the one's with b in them are my favorite. i really like the sea horse, star fish, wind chimes too... but when i think of my time in st. augustine i think of b and how he made me feel so special, and beautiful, and happy.
even though it was like pulling teeth to get a photo of him... he doesn't think he is photogenic, i'd like to disagree.

now that i've been home a lot has happened. beyond the AC breaking down once again, i've learned some more shocking "health" news about myself. although i love sharing the ups and downs of my life with you all, there are some things that deserve to be kept unsaid... suffice it to say i am not dying and i will have a minor surgery next week, all in all it is just another "thing" i will have to push through, overcome, and chalk up as a learning experience.

there is so much on my plate right now, it's overwhelming to think about. last night i woke up at 4 am, restless from the aches, and i just laid there for an hour - eyes open, tossing and turning, worrying myself awake. i ended up telling myself "colie, go back to sleep. there is nothing you will figure out at 4:30 am that can solve all of these problems. at least enjoy this peace and quiet while you can." so i did.

life is so complicating. it really is. we can't escape the ups and downs. all we can do is approach them one at a time with patience, stay positive and hopeful, and never be afraid to ask for help.


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  1. hope your ups are high enough to balance your downs :)

    and best wishes for the upcoming surgery, hope all is well.

    p.s, been loving the shots from your trip. very dreamy and beautiful. and your boy needn't be shy, he's perfectly photogenic!