August 1, 2008

renew me

it has rained every single day since i've been home.
like clock work, it comes down hard - washing all of the muck and mire from the day away.
an hour, maybe two, will pass... and with utter abandon so does the rain.

in those few fleeting moments i like to think about the day i laid in the rain. i imagine myself there again - walking out into the open clearning behind my old house. finding a space of grass, lying down on my back, peeling off my shirt and shorts, and absorbing all the heavenly wetness as it fell from the sky...

my hair became heavy - clinging onto my shoulders and around my face - as if grasping on for dear life. my skin turned pink and goose bumps formed, like tiny mountains springing up from raveins... and i just laid there, claiming my existence.
unrelenting to my presence, the rain came down harder, but i was in no mood to turn myself in, so i closed my eyes and opened my mouth. i breathed in that smell of summer rain, unmistakable, like new life coming up from the ground... and i too was made new again.

so often my everyday experiences become predictable and rehearsed. wake up, eat, work, sleep, repeat.. and i have learned, upon numerous occasions, that repetition is a slippery slope.

at first i find comfort in knowing what to expect, but in time the routine eats away at me, slowly, until i feel like an empty shell of myself. if ever i get to this point (which occurs increasingly more often then i'd like) i go back to this day in my mind - the day when mother nature renewed me.

***i challenge you (if anyone reads this) to go and sit in the rain one day... when you've had enough of your predictable little life. i promise you, with one thousand words of encouragement, that it will spark newness in you again.


  1. you know what ruins the summer rain? fresh cut grass. it's like pouring foul acid into your nose.

  2. Gosh... i love that smell! LOL

    So beautifully stated Colie. You are the keeper of a profound natural wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Jean (

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    This happened yesterday too somewhere else. Must be a glitch with Blogger but its difficult to let blog owners know about it because comments are rejected. (I'll try to post this under Anonymous and see if that works)

  3. I know what you're talking about.

  4. the next day it rains here, i will.

  5. here in italy waiting rain since 3 weeks.... is very hot...
    ciao Colie