July 28, 2008

lost and found


so i am editing my post about "problems".
i am going to remove the links to her flickr.

when i wrote this blog i was very upset and i felt very betrayed by someone i really enjoyed communicating with.
i took it too personal and allowed it to mean too much to me.
i also had no idea it would generate this much feedback. i assumed sharing my feelings on this subject would be helpful and good for me to vent. but as you can see it went a little too far.

so, for that, i apologize.
i do not apologize for speaking my mind in my own blog. if it really upsets "you" then don't read my blog. i also do not apologize for feeling concerned. there was a legitimate reason for it.

what i realize now is that there is a fine line between caring about your work and caring too much about your work.

so i am moving on.. to "finding something better to do" and "craving attention in a more positive manner" (as an anonymous commenter so eloquently put it in a message to me).


so i have been going back through a lot of my old photos from last summer, when i traveled around the world like a gypsy. i carried everything i needed on my back. i had no thoughts of internet or cell phones. i was just a no name girl, thinking on her feet, and seeing the world. i floated in the adriatic sea. i jumped off of cliffs where odysseous once stood. i ate foods i could not pronounce and drank strange liquors that burned like fire.
i was alive and things were simplified.
at this point in my life, i can now see that feeling free is a state of mind, not a place you go to.
somehow i am learning how to get there.

***this series of photos is some digital and some film.
the film shots are velvia 400 slide film. they have been processed to look like expired tz film.
the digital shots are edited to match the film.


  1. One day I wish to travel with a camera, a couple of dollars for emergencies, and my own two feet, then record everything my eyes see in a tiny pocket book I can fit in the pocket of my jeans.
    I love these pictures you're sharing from one year ago- they obviously still show how much they mean to you. Things will start to unfold into a beautiful thing. We're young- we're supposed to have a few bumps in the road!
    Please continue with your art- and just know there are many people out there that fully understand everything what happened to you. We're here to support you- we're your 'fans' and will always be here for you and your work.

  2. no matter where you go...

  3. It can be said: When you give your work to the world it's no longer yours.

    And if you give it away, you'll never lose it.

    chin up, there's a lot of world in front of you.