July 26, 2008

my summer - one year ago

i wake up
there is wetness already forming on my skin
i am crammed between my friends on a bare bed
i can feel the light stream in through the window
it is warm but not hot
i begin to stir and toss and turn
until i can not stand it any longer
i slide out of bed and make my way into the next room
my steps are quiet
and deliberate
i stand on a patch of light that takes the shape of texas
i make mia cafe con nutelle
and survive on this for weeks

i perch on the balcony
like an eagle in her nest
i sit and spy
i watch life happen bellow me
i write down words in my journal
things to remember
i feel a pain in my heart
because i know words will never suffice this feeling
but it is the best i can do now

the others begin to stir
and move about
they are dressing and packing
we are leaving this place and moving on to our next destination
we walk for miles
down twisting roads
a stray dog begins to follow us but gives up halfway
he is tired
aren't we all

we continue on without him
because out here it's every man for himself
we reach the shores edge
the sand, which is not sand at all, is boiling
millions of tiny black stones smoothed out by the oceans tide
rests beneath our feet

i see our boat
we pile in and set sail
wind at our faces
hands grasping splashes
we anchor out and jump in
shock me
so that i am speechless
your icy depths sooth me
the mediteranean reflects more than an image
it cleanses
new beginnings happen here
oh sea renew me
baptize me
make me a believer
once more

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