July 10, 2008

the past is present is past

today has been a freakin roller coaster of odd happenings!
first: i just found out i got the shot of the day AGAIN on polanoid!!! i can't even believe that crazy crap! i have never won anything in my life, other than a donald duck kazoo in the 1st grade spelling bee. i can't believe i got shot of the day twice in three days. it is one of the greatest compliments i've ever recieved. it blesses my heart and makes me smile, from ear to ear.

the second thing is even crazier. i just recieved an email from myself back in November 2007. yes. the past.
let me explain this a little better, so that i sound less weird...
there is this website called futureme.org where you write your future self a letter. the website saves the message until a substantial amount of time has passed (6 months, a year, etc.). then it randomly sends it to your email address. by the time you recieve it so much time has passed and life has happened that you have completely forgotten about the entire thing.
the best way to describe my reaction to the letter i got from my past self is like a reality-check sledgehammer to the head.

so here is the email:

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on Sunday, November25, 2007, and sent via FutureMe.org- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear FutureMe,

don't fall in love with boys who are unattainable or impossible to be with. it's lonely.
go out there and live your life.
be open minded and smile more.
also, don't be on the computer so much. it's taking over your free time.
be around the people that make you happy, forget about what it will cost you in gas.
years from now you won't remember the gas prices or the money you saved by staying in - you will however remember the laughs you had with your friends and the moments you built along the way.

ok. go to work now :)

mind blowing!

***the polaroid above is the first polaroid i ever took. it was taken with my sx 70, pre dirty ink roller days. i didn't use a filter bc i didn't know anything about filters then.
i took a selfportrait bc i had just spent a weekend with "the boy" and he was too shy to take one of me himself. i mailed it to him along with the sx 70 sonar he left at my house. i should of kept my first polaroid and the sonar...
oh well. no regrets!


  1. the fact that you're around to read a letter from the past is a grand happening in itself...I can just imagine all the letters, notes, and all that you wrote in between...

    oh, it's been proven, one can't change the past, or predict the future...but one can certainly rattle the now...

    thinking more about it, your letter was actually "the now" only a year ago...you just found it in "the now" of today...you're still on course...no doubt about it, your rattle still appears to have the same shake it always had, and that's worth a whole handful of future...

  2. thanks bakin!

    the future me letter thing is def not something i do all the time. that would be a little weird i think. initially i did it as a lark with another friend. i guess i had no idea that it would make such an impact on my life a 8 months later. mainly b/c those are the issues i've been struggling with most lately.
    i still feel that i have made a lot of "progress" in my life since i wrote the letter, and i would never go back in time and change things if i had the choice. never! it's just a lovely way to get a wake up call: from yourself, from the past, in the now...
    make sense?

  3. the sense is made and is cooling in the window.

  4. you seem extremely beautiful, on the inside. Yes, we are all beauties, all unique and special, but right now, it's you that seems to stand out, like a fig tree in a desert, you are somehow bearing fruit from your soul in your blogs, I thoroughly enjoy it and seemingly, you. Thanks for putting yourself out there, so chaps like me can stumble upon you and feel warmth inside.

    -scott from flickr (ishpop)

  5. dear dear scott,

    thank you for that,
    and for things you do not even know..
    thank you :)